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Shenandoah: A Fantasy


Shenandoah: A Fantasy by Garth Baxter. I composed SHENANDOAH: A Fantasy as a tribute to Glenn Caluda and Shenandoah University. Using the folk song, Shenandoah, as the centerpiece of the work, I hinted at the tune in the introduction, then stated it in full and with free variations in the center section of this arch form (ABCBA) composition. The three main themes and the transitional themes are all quite different. The ‘A’ melody is chromatic and lyrical. The second theme is lively with some chromaticism and is somewhat martial in its rhythmic approach. The middle section reveals the folk song where I retain its very simple rhythm and harmony: however, I take considerable liberties with the rhythm. The last transition to the ‘A’ section, which is based on the ‘A’ theme, is highly contrapuntal and dissonant, dissolving into the lyrical first theme. The coda is a final statement of the ‘A’ melody over a somewhat drone accompaniment. I hint at the Shenandoah folk song again as the piece draws to a close.

Shenandoah: A Fantasy


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