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Improvisation No. 1


“Improvisation No. 1” was written in 2003 and evolved out of improvising on diatonic dyads on the second and third strings in the key of “E”. This was done with a pedal “E” on the first string while applying cross string trill fingerings P A I M while alternating the thumb between the third and second strings. After writing one part I added another and so on. This piece offers students an opportunity to work on various techniques including cross-string trill fingerings, tremolo, improvisation and more. The first guitar has the primary melody (written out improvisation) as well as tremolo. Guitar 4 also has melody as well as counter melody. Guitars 2 & 3 provide the arpeggiated chordal accompaniment with contra bass guitar supporting the low end. This piece is primarily diatonic with a Popular or New Age sound. The score is 25 pages with 3 & 4 page parts. It is 5’45” long and intermediate in difficulty.

Improvisation No. 1


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