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Seven Nursery Rhymes for Guitar


The seven instrumental arrangements of popular nursery rhyme melodies are presented here for the solo classical guitar. These songs are timeless in nature and possess a universal character making them familiar to people all over the world.  However, these songs have often been overlooked as material for solo guitar arrangements, most likely because the melodies are short and generally redundant. Though these features are part of their charm for children, generally guitarists are not interested in playing short repetitive melodies. To address these issues, I have composed original material into each arrangement to extend the length and enjoyment for the player while retaining the interest for the listener. Each of these pieces is approximately 2 minutes long and have varying degrees of difficulty. They can be used for playing jobs/gigs, recital material and a way to introduce the solo classical guitar to young family members. I hope you have fun playing and sharing these wonderful melodies. ~ Ruben Delgado


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