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Quartetto Op. 19, No. 4


Quartetto Op. 19, No. 4 by J. C. Bach arranged by Manley Mallard
The original quartet, W B64 \ Quartet with 2 flutes Op. 19 No.4 is in C major but transposed it to the key of G to better facilitate the range of the guitar and maintain as much of the original tessitura as possible. While this early classical/galante style piece is typical melody and accompaniment, there is plenty of counter melody, alberti bass figures and fast passages in the 3rd and 4th to challenge your students. Guitar three in particular has challenging solo sections with 32nd notes in the second movement. This music is challenging but it is well balanced with lots of melodic interest in all parts. This arrangement would work best with an advanced group and will make a great addition to your ensemble’s concert repertoire.

I  Allegro


II Andantino


III Allegro


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