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Episode in Compound Meter


Episode in Compound Meter for Guitar Quartet by Dave Burdick
The lilting motion in Episode in Compound Meter creates an almost trance like effect as each guitar enters adding texture, depth and intensity. The harmony has a modern modal (4ths) texture with contrapuntal conversations that occur between the parts. This is a great study in shifting compound meters, 6/8; 9/8; 12/8 and more. Mr. Burdick said “it flowed rather freely from my mind to the score. There are those that say that their best work just ‘falls’ out of them and requires little or no revision – a sentiment with which I have to agree.” Written for the Millikin University Guitar Ensemble in 1990, student groups have always enjoyed learning and performing this piece over the years. Episode in Compound Meter is of medium to advanced difficulty.

Episode in Compound Meter


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