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Sinfonia XX


Sinfonia XX by Johan Helmich Roman, transcribed and arranged by Manley Mallard.

Johan Helmich Roman (1694-1758) is considered Sweden’s first composer of international importance. At age 33 Roman was appointed the permanent First Master of the King’s Music. He was a conductor of the royal orchestra, violinist and oboist, concert organizer, music teacher, theorist and linguist. He was the man who laid the foundation of modern musical life in Sweden. Sinfonia XX was originally in E minor (BeRI 22) and consists of four movements – Allegro staccato, Larghetto, Allegro assai and Allegro. This symphony was written between 1748-1750 and comes from Roman’s galant/Baroque style. This arrangement has been transposed to the key of A minor to better facilitate the range of the guitar. Intermediate to advanced.

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I. Allegro stacatto


II. Largetto


III. Allegro assai


IV. Allegro


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