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An Andante


An Andante by Justin Holland is solo work, but was arranged in three parts for the 2020 VMEA All-Virginia Guitar Ensemble (virtual edition) see:

Justin Holland (1819 – 1887) was born in Norfolk County, Virginia to free black parents. He moved to Boston in 1833 when his parents died.  It was there that he met and studied with guitarists Signor Mariano Perez, Simon Knabel and William Schubert. In 1841, he entered Oberlin College in Ohio where he studied for two years. He married in 1845 and moved to Cleveland where he became the city’s first black professional musician. Holland was a prolific arranger and composer; publishing hundreds works for guitar and guitar with other instruments. In addition to being a profession musician, he was active in the movement to secure equal rights for African Americans and worked on the Underground Railroad. He died at his son’s home in New Orleans in 1887.

An Andante


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